WATCH: Amazing video shows new Giants quarterback, master of trick shot passes

In order to make the Giants’ 53-man roster, quarterback Alex Tanney is going to need some tricks up his sleeve.Here is some proof he has more than a few.The 30-year-old Tanney, who signed with the Giants earlier this month and will make his practice debut next week in OTAs, is entering his seventh year in the NFL with his eighth different team.Before Tanney was the very definition of a journeyman, however, he made a video during his days at Monmouth College in Illinois that is must-see for fans of football and trick shots. Watch it above.Setting expectations for Giants’ rookies | Projected statsPublished in 2011, the video shows Tanney throwing a football with precision and accuracy:For our money, the coolest shots are at the 2:51 mark of the video when he throws a football off a net and it ricochets into a garbage can and then into a basketball hoop.The runner-up is at the 4-minute mark when he throws from standing on a basketball court, up the steps through an open door, over the gymnasium concourse and into a garbage can placed on the track.