Attorneys: Wisconsin doesn’t want Cephus back

Wisconsin officials have sent a clear message to former wide receiver Quintez Cephus: We don’t want you back.At least, that’s what Cephus’ lawyers said Monday, a week after the player filed a petition seeking readmission to the university.Cephus plans to appeal the decision, according to what one of his lawyers, Stephen Meyer, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Meyer said “the gloves will come off” if university chancellor Becky Blank “doesn’t do what’s right.”A Monday news conference to discuss the case was planned by Cephus and other Badgers currently on the football team. According to Meyer, players have written a letter to Blank showing their support for Cephus.Cephus was suspended from the Badgers football team in August 2018 and later expelled from the university following allegations of second- and third-degree sexual assault. He was found not guilty on Aug. 2 in Madison, Wis.